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About us


Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd. (BDMS), located in XinZhan National Industrial Park, Hefei city, China, is a manufacturer specializing in the innovation and development of high performance pigment carbon black.
BDMS plans to invest in up to 50 million US Dollars in its about 10 acres site in Hefei city that will produce 40,000 metric tons of pigment carbon black by 2015 and is expected to generate 150 million US Dollars revenue annually, making it the largest pigment carbon black manufacturer in Asia and top 5 industrial leader in the world.
BDMS focuses on technologies and innovations. Among the 200 employees there are 5 with Ph.D degree, 11 with master degree, and nearly 70% with bachelor degree. Besides the nearly 20 granted or pending patents, BDMS was also a major contributor to the development of national policies and test standards for pigments carbon black.
BDMS's brands have been well known to the industries for the quality and performance of products. With sales and services to more than 70 countries, BDMS emerges as the best pigment carbon black manufacturer in China and one of the leading suppliers in the world.